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About Us

Flynn Farms is a family-run business specializing in the production and export of hay and straw.  Our hay customers include dairy, cow-calf, beef feeders, horses, goats, and sheep operations.  Straw customers include mushroom farmers, ginseng producers, and dairy operations. Because our straw is dry and clean, it is also fit for feed straw.

We’re proud to say we have been around for nearly forty years, and continually strive to grow and improve our business. Flynn Farms is run by owner, Stephen Flynn and his four daughters; Stephanie Flynn-Davidson, Kaleigh Flynn, Ainsley Flynn and Emily Flynn, along with their amazing team of farm hands. Great pride is taken from start to finish in the production of high quality crops, feed and bedding.


Stephen Flynn oversees the entire operation, ensuring that all aspects of the business are done and done well. You can usually find him checking his fields throughout the day, or pricing and dispatching loads of hay or straw. Stephen is an active member of the Ontario Forage Council as well as the Ontario Federation of Agriculture.




Stephanie Flynn-Davidson is the Office Manager and handles all of the farm’s financial details. When Stephen is away, Stephanie steps in to ensure all jobs are followed through.






Kaleigh Flynn answers the phones and takes care of the logistics for all trucks crossing the border into the US, including Flynn Farms trucks as well as second or third party carriers, depending on the destination of the loads of hay or straw they are transporting. Kaleigh has an AZ license so you might see her out on the road hauling hay or straw, or commodity off the fields in the fall.




Ainsley Flynn helps out during the summer, running the roller during seeding time and a loader throughout the summer. She is in her last year of teachers’ college at the University of Western Ontario.






Emily Flynn is the head of the straw pickup crew throughout the summer. On rainy days, holidays, and school breaks she helps Stephanie and Kaleigh in the office. Emily is currently completing a business diploma at Fanshawe College.